Thoughts On: “GREY Area” by Little Simz

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This time my Thoughts on „GREY Area“ by Little Simz, a british (female) rapper.

This song starts with a drum pattern, followed by a distorted bass guitar. Heavy knocking, and then Little Simz is saying hi (Me again, allow me to pick up where I left off). This Rapper shows that she is confident, that she can spit bars, especially the way she uses her voice, almost cocky. But man, that’s what the song is giving the drive, the „I know I got skills“-mentality without giving the feeling that she is aloof. Little Simz is rapping: „I’m Jay-Z on a bad day, Shakespeare on my worst days“ and states that she does not have to hide, that she has got the skills to show the world that lyricists still alive and doing a great job.

Rawness. That beat is just rawness. Very Minimalistic in choosing instruments. It’s just a drum pattern with another distorted bass guitar. Repetitive, but it gives the space Little Simzs’ voice wants to say what she got to say. Rapping about here improvement of her skills the older and the more experience in writing she got, rapping about her achievements in her rap career, which can be dated back where she was 15. She dedicated it all to the art after she „discovered the pen“. In earlier years Little Simz was thinking about how to help contributing to the rent her mother had to pay, now, after she made it in the business, her mother is living in a nice suite penthouse. She is a boss in a f***ing dress.

Selfish ft. Cleo Sol
is starting very nice with a disco vibe drum pattern and a smooth piano playing chords giving it a atmopsheric-driving-around-town-at-night-feeling. The Bass line is playing a very very nice bass line, making everything kinda warm, melancholic and dreamy. This song is about what the title states: Being Selfish. Little Simz talks about her standards about the guys she would date, no bummy boys but someone in a tuxedo. She says about herself that she can teach people about class. The life she is living now has some kind of rules, orders to obey, and that she lives a material live. She knows it, but also says it’s not irrelevant, because we all depend on material, on things that make our lives easier and she says „all this here is worked for, not inherited“ stating that she worked her ass off to get to this point she lives. Compared to others who just inherited their wealth and maybe don’t know the work you have to put in to get to this point. But still Little Simz is not that ‚I’m selfish because I was born like this‘ but more kind of being selfish because you know people gather around you when you get famous and rich. She knows her day-ones saying „But first things first, number one and priority“. This kind of selfish behavior came time after time, in the older days she didn’t say no to others, helping them but after all the things she experienced she kinda protects herself by being selfish.

Wounds ft. Chronixx
This song is making me sad. But first, the beat. Very deep with a guitar playing a theme accompanied by strings playing staccato and the feeling of this beat, when listening to the hook is very hopeless, somehow even seductive for bad things. And this is just a perfect fit for the lyrics Little Simz spits on this track. Verse 1 is about kids carrying the strap with them, maybe even because they idolize the rappers that she brought on tour. But she clearly says it’s not the lifestyle they ever lived, it’s just fictional and if you want to be a grown up, making decisions like a grown up by shooting, then you will be giving life by a judge like a grown man. If you are lost, feeling like no one is loving you, Little Simz is. Forget your title, try break the cycle, but if you don’t do, there is another story for the headlines.
Verse 2 is adressed to the girls and women living with a gun man, giving him loyalty and stay on his side no matter what he’s doing. But still she wants to understand him, but he won’t say it, „It’s a long story“. But Little Simz is saying she could lose everything for this guy and when things happened then it could be avoided but the girl chose her best lie.

Pressure ft. Little Dragon
This song featuring Little Dragon has a very great beat, arrangement and atmosphere to it. Little Simz is talking about the situation she was before being the rap star, knowing very well what it means to be poor. In the same verse she says that there are rich forces ruling you or tricking you by dressing lies as truth. She is talking about that she had a dream and worked for it to making it come true, but even though she made it there is still things that happen on the world that are bigger then she is, and these things are transmitted by the bad news we receive from day to day. But still, she is confident and full of faith.

Sherbet Sunset
We all had or will have it: A heartbreak. Little Simz is addressing the lines of this song directly to her ex and the relationship both had. She gave him everything, she thought they were meant for each other and she almost got rid of her independence, but (I guess) he left her for another. Now Simz is waiting for the big news that that girl is now pregnant from him. She is now saying, if they would talk again to each other, she say it would be on the last name basis, so very distant. Also she can’t remember being herself in that time, she changed so hard for her ex, that she was a different person, stating clearly that this was a waste of chemistry, energy and empathy. And for her it is hard to talk about it or even to write about it, what is very heavy because she is a master on the pen and this topic still gives her a writer’s block.
That’s one hell of a song about pain in the heart.

Flowers ft Michael Kiwanuka
The Club 27 is a club, where the dead stars join, when dying at the age of 27. Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse are all „members“ of the club 27, because they died at this age. This is what Little Simz is rapping about. About how she can feel the pain of everyone with his troubled history. In the second verse, Simz is clearly singing about Amy Winehouse by using „Back to Black“ (Back to Black – Amy Winehouse) and „Love was my losin’ game“ which is from the song „Love is a losing game“ by Winehouse, also you hear a trumpet playing in the background, which refers to the style Amy Winehouse used in her Songs. Flowers all for you, for everybody, for the dead ones and the alive ones.

I didn’t know Little Simz when I was searching for music material to listen to and to write down my thoughts on it. This album is clearly one I wouldn’t have expected to be that good! I read a little bit about Little Simz and that she got props from Kendrick Lamar and after I have read her lyrics I can understand why.
This Album, „Grey Area“ by Little Simz, is definitely worth listening to! The Production by Inflo is very very great, he made every beat and just „Pressure“ and „Flowers“ were co-produced by Sigurd and by Astronote. It sounds very very organic, very alive and embracing.

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