5 Reasons Why Nobody Shares Your Music

Aug 20, 2018 by rizzak - 2 Comments

There you are. Got your music all recorded, mixed and mastered and now you think you are about to blow up, right? The next days you see almost no clicks on your track in the internet. How can you change that? Here I give you 5 reasons why it seems like nobody shares your tracks with their friends.

1. No One Knows That You Doing Music

You can put up as many songs as you want. But when no one knows that you are into music making and already got a Soundcloud / YouTube / BeatStars page, there will be almost no chance that your music will be heard. And this is something we as artists always want: people who listen to us. So to attract people to your pages you have to be active. Sign up into online forums in the internet and be a part of a community of creative artists. Listen to other rappers there, give them constructive feedback on their songs and then people will give feedback to your songs.

When you talk to people in person you can mention that you are into music making, that you do some rap and that you have got stuff online. When they are interested to hear one of your songs (and most of them will be interested, I know it) you can send them via messenger or DM’s a link to your pages or your Video. But don’t be too much of a hustler in situations where people don’t want to get deeper into that part of your life. Have a little sense for the right portion of advertising yourself in front of people.

2. No One Knows Where They Can Listen To Your Tracks

When you got Twitter or Instagram you have the option to embed a link to your homepage or other pages where you upload your music to. Use this function and when you tweet or post something don’t forget your link to your songs or pages. But attention! DON’T SPAM. The reason why is the next point here.

3. You’re Just Thinking About Your Profits

If you are on Twitter, stop writing tweets like „New Song dropping soon, be ready for the release next friday!!!“ – 1. Why should they wait for someone who isn’t famous for a track, which they don’t know if it is in good quality or not? 2. On what platform will you release your song? When you are reading this, you are at a stadium of fame, where you have almost no fame. There are thousands of rappers out there who are probably as good as you and they do better marketing with engaging with people’s tweets. The people owe you nothing, YOU need to convince THEM to listen to your music. So start being social and leave a serious picture of your persona. Stay to your „genre“ and engage with tweets on hiphop, give feedback to other people (at least some props) and retweet songs you like a lot. Follow those people, maybe you could even write a direct message that you like their music. If you give, you will receive. But nothing is more annoying than people just posting links all the times with the demand to „listen to my new fire track!“

4. You Think Too Big

We all want the big success. We all want to be the Travis Scott’s, the Eminem’s, the OZ’s, the Nicki Minaj’s of this world. But if your local area doesn’t know you, why should the whole world? Start being active in your local hiphop / rap community, go to cyphers close to you, get in touch with people with the same interests like you and if there are no such events, maybe you could organize a jam session with a DJ and some equipment on your own. Nothing is impossible. Maybe something very great will transform out of these evenings. Support your local area with this kind of entertainment and you will receive love from your community, they are more into sharing your music after they know you and your dedication.

5. Your Music Sucks

Last but not least, this is one of THE MOST important fact. If your music sucks, then nobody wants to share your music. Sharing music is like showing the world your taste on songs. And if you have songs where your recorded voice is all distorted, in the background you can hear your mama calling for dinner, it is all mixed pretty bad and your flow sucks no one would and will share your songs. I mean, would you share this kind of a song? Would you say to your friends: Heeeey, listen to that song man, you can’t understand him because the beat is way to loud, in the background there is some kind of crocodile howling but man, listen to that piece of music. Me neither. Work on your skills, no matter if it’s rapping, recording, mixing, mastering, producing. Ask people for honest feedback and work on yourself!

These 5 reasons are now known to you. Try figuring out whether they apply to your situation and what you can transform into something positive. We should never forget, that our listeners are just normals people like you and me. So it’s time to operate how we would love to be approached by an unknown artist.

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Mello Ovello

Thank you for the insight. I’ll have to keep the first 4 in mind cause my music definitely doesn’t suck. Lol

November 24th, 2018


Thanks for the comment! Great, that I could help 🙂 Yeah, No. 5 applies to everyone who had already done 1-4 for a period of time but still no one wants to share his/her music haha

November 26th, 2018

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